Dear Epic Followers,

     For those of you who may of heard or seen me recently at the Romance Festival, you make skip the next couple lines.

     Since my arrival to San Mysuno, I’ve been guided by a few city natives including Akira Nibo of the famous karaoke group: Karaoke Legends. Things began to get increasingly romantic with Akria, and I began hoping for something more stable…he wasn’t. As of now, he is still apart of Festival Freaks but not my personal life.


     As for his latest post featuring Miko Ojo, all I can comment is: good luck.

     As for the day to day: I’ve been going to the gym, and surrounding myself with people who actually care about me.




The Romance Festival

Dear Epic Followers,

     Tired of sitting home binge watching the latest ‘OMG Drama’ alone? Feeling like there’s something your missing out on or maybe just want to add a bit more pink into your life? Well then I have the answer: The Romance Festival.


     This festival is great for singles looking to mingle, couples looking to spice up their relationship and everyone in between!

     For the singles looking to mingle your first stop is going to be the Sakura Tea fountain. The mystery surrounding this drink is that who ever drinks the cherry blossom nectar will see things in a whole new flirty perspective. While the drink sets in, talk to the old wise Romance Guru who will give you all the clues necessary to find your true love, or at least some company for the night 😉


     For the lovely couples, Sakura Tea is optional but will enhance that evenings event in a gratifying way. Instead of a casual attendance, creating long lasting memories by taking the next big step: Marriage! 

RunwayThe only things required will be the rings, passion and true love’s kiss to seal the deal. 

     As for family events for the rest of the community, there are shops that sell festival merch, and treats (I recommend the Ramen for those picky eaters!),


a garden with plenty of flowers available to be plucked as a gift or to toss their petals onto other attendees (please ask before tossing the petals as it makes some people uncomfortable),


a painting center for those creative types who use their flirty aura’s as inspiration, 


and an open bar for those looking for something with a stronger kick than the tea provided.


 I would absolutely love to see your selfies, and other interesting pictures of YOUR experience of The Romance Festival so tweet them @xbeautymarvelsx! Also be on the look out for my next post where I attend: GeekCon!

– M

->>>For More Information on Festivals<<<-

A Continued Adventure…

Dear Epic Followers,

Today marks my FIRST official blog post on behalf of the San Myshuno Post. To get caught on how I’ve been handling this new city, check out some of my vlogs! There will be more to come, but for now I’m focusing primarily on this blog.

As a Windenburg native, moving to San Myshuno was a huge change in pace for me. EpicEdit9.png

I used to be shy, awkward, and had extremely low self-esteem because no matter how long I lived in Windenburg no one was interested in the same things as me.

     I was always bulled over my intelligence and style until I met my best friend: Luna Villareal.


Luna was the girl I had always wanted to be: funny, pretty, charismatic, rich, and the most confident person I know to this day!

     The city of San Myshuno has opened my life to a full cast of creative, friendly and overall hilarious community of people.


Welcome to my Epic Legacy.