Out of The City.

Dear Epic Follower,

      Before departing to Granite Falls, I decided to correct my daily routine to be healthier. I wake up every morning at 4:00 am and work on my cardio at the gym. After the gym, I reward myself with a colorful fruit salad:

Step One: Cut 3 Red Apples

apples apples_cut





Step Two: Cut 2 Small Watermelons…(w/ hand optional)



Finally add any fruit of your choice and mix!


Here’s the end product (w/ pineapple & blueberries, topped w/ honey!)



Granite Falls


     I’ve never felt the need to connect with the nature around me, but living in the city has changed me. In Windenburg we have the Island Buffs and everyone would go there after school or during weekends so the only time I found myself alone in nature was in my mother’s garden. Granite Falls is an established campsite with an array of lots to call home, lots of fun activities, and wonderful views.


I discovered this waterfall while taking a hike to refocus myself and really embrace the nature. The salty fresh smell of the water filled the light fresh breeze that flew through the forest.


In case you want to visit Granite Falls yourself– use my promo code: 3P1C on their website accessible via phone or computer!


Made it to the lot, and I’m super excited! There is a place to host a game of horse shoe, a fire pit to roast marshmallows, a picnic table, and a grill!


     For first time campers such as myself, there is a store located on-site for all your camping items. I purchased an inflatable twin bed, and folding chair. The lot I chose may surprise you since my spending was very limited.


     Surprised I didn’t pick a lot with a cabin? I told you from the beginning: I want to FULLY embrace nature and all that she has in-store for me.


     This crystal clear lake was the best area to practice finishing. It was easy to see the fish, and  catch them. I used the soft rubber hooks not to injure the fish I tossed back into the late.


Breathtaking isn’t it?


     Roasting marshmallows was the best way to end the night, just make sure your chair isn’t too close to the fire.


     The next morning I went on another hike and discovered a nicely placed garden free for the harvesting!


     Since I’d be out for most of the day, I didn’t want to carry around any loose herbs or veggies but I encourage you to harvest until your coolers are exploding with fresh produce!


     This is the museum of Granite Falls, established almost 65 years ago! On the porch there is a wood carving station, and some chairs.


     Some of the collectible wildlife in the area.


     Ever since I was younger I’ve tried to catch these little “fairies” but they’re excellent at hiding!


     Another shot of the captured wildlife. I honestly don’t know where they have pans in here but I’m sure they don’t eat the creatures…o_o

This trip really widened my perception on life, and I hope that you can visit this wonderful place! Comment down below if you actually have the chance to visit! 



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