Secrets are Hidden Truths


*logs into computer*


*opens email from akira*



     Just wanted to let you know about Arun Bheeda, and how MARRIED he is. The women in the picture is his wife Jesminder Bheeda and their 7 year old son Christian. 

-Akira Miko

This photo wasn’t the worst of the situation, it was the questions that bounced in my head day and night. 


Who else knew Arun was married? Why would he lead me on?


Who was Arun really and what am I going to do about this?

*dial tone rings*


 Monica Epic: Can you & Whitley meet me for drinks tonight?


Monica Epic: How did you get–why did–did you

Akria Kibo: Did I always know? I had an idea. It was suspicious he always smelled like women’s perfume.

Monica Epic: Don’t you think I would’ve noticed that?

Akira Kibo: It wasn’t something you were looking for. I hurt you, and he quickly gave you a shoulder to cry on. That moment I saw you two kiss–

Monica Epic: What?!


Akira Kibo: I hired a private investigator and found out Arun is married with a 7 year old child! You don’t seem like the type to consent to an affair.

Monica Epic: I wouldn’t–I didn’t. Thank you for telling me, but this doesn’t change the terms of our arrangement. We’re only club members, not friends. Goodbye, Akira.


Farewells will never apply to us dear. My love for you is immortal, and will never stop.


Aubrey Hays: Correct me if I’m wrong but you’re saying Akira sent you an email of Arun kissing his wife and had been having an affair with you?


Monica Epic: Yup.


Whitley Wing: Aburey, calling a few dinners an affair is a little extreme.


Aubrey Hays: Oh, no physical contact?


Monica Epic: Not really…just a few kisses but nothing further.

Aubrey Hays: I’m still going to count it.

Whitley Wing: *rolls eyes* Well, tonight isn’t about that it’s about Monica.


Monica Epic: It is? I just wanted to enjoy the free drinks on Aubrey’s running tab.

Aubrey Hays: Wonderful.


Whitley Wing: *whispers* I think there’s someone here for you…


Arun Bheeda: Monica, may we talk?


Monica Epic: *whispers to Aubrey & Whitley* Order me a sweet n’ sour strong.

Monica Epic: Sure, Arun.


Arun Bheeda: Seeing your text this morning had my whole day in a rut.

Monica Epic: Aw, poor you. My day was planned out pretty well until I decided to respond to some fan mail. Arun_9

*sigh* I don’t want to hear why you didn’t tell me. I don’t need to hear how sorry you are. I just wanted to say to your face: I’m not mad. The tea at the Romance Festival is rumored for having strong effects and that’s what this was;


 our feelings were just side effects.

Arun Bheeda: I can agree with that. Friends?


Monica Epic: Sure.


Whitley Wing & Aubrey Hays: How did it go?

Monica Epic: Great actually. I think I need some time away from the city and focus on myself.

Aubrey Hays: Before hope is all lost, my roomate is super cute and really–

Whitley Wing: Did you not just hear her?

*group laugh*

Forget about Arun.


It was just a side effect of the tea.


It didn’t mean anything.


He didn’t mean anything.


Did he?


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