Nothing Too Serious

You have now checked in at  Planet Honey Pop, Fashion District


Monica Epic: Aw, that came out cute!
Akria Kibo: Totally babe.


Monica Epic: Do you think now is a good time to talk about us? I had a coffee date with Aubrey & Whitley and they were just wondering when we’re going to make things between us official.


Akira KiboOfficial–as in seeing each other exclusively? You know how I feel about labels, and commitment. Why are they always obsessed with us?

Monica Epic:  First off–they are just curious to see how we’re doing as far as whatever we are to each other. Secondly, I told them we aren’t anything too serious and that we’re taking things slow.


Akira Kibo: What are you babbling on about? We aren’t taking things slow, because that just implies that this is going to be serious one day  and I’m not looking for anything serious!


Monica Epic: You don’t have to be mean about it…let’s sit down somewhere more private.


Akira Kibo: *loudly making a scene* You were NOTHING when you came to San Myshuno until I showed up and gave you the publicity you needed to launch your career! You think they just hire ANYONE to work at the most prestigious media outlet? NO!


Monica Epic: I am very thankful for the connections you lead me to, but it was ultimately my own talent, determination, and constant improvement that I am still growing in this field.

Akira Kibo: You..You..You is all we talk about! What about me! Do you think singing karaoke and having to put up this fake persona is what I want to do for the rest of my life? Do you think I want YOU around for the rest of my life?


Monica Epic: *weeping* Akira–please can we just sit down?

Akira Kibo: Fine, as long as you control yourself–you’re making a scene.


Monica Epic: See..enjoy the calm classic music and the wonderful smells of The Romance Festival. Akira, deep down I know you’re just–


Akira Kibo: Annnd another thing–your blog has just began and you haven’t even mentioned any of the products I asked you to promote! How am I supposed to make enough money to buy my contract out if YOU can’t do a simple thing like shouting out my clothing designer, or that protein shake company?  I’m seriously disappointed in you Monica and I think you should go.


Monica Epic: I don’t know why you think you can treat me this way, that tea did something to you because this is not the Akira I know. Call me when you’re done being an asshole.


Monica Epic: *hushed* I just need a few more shots for the blog and I can leave this horrible festival.
Arun Bheeda: Surprise!


Monica Epic: Agh! Arun, what was that for?
Arun Bheeda: Just trying to cheer you up, I might have over heard you and Akira fighting.

Monica Epic: You were eavesdropping? Not cool Arun, that so embarrassing!  

Arun Bheeda: You were both being super loud and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay, Akira can be a jerk after a couple drinks.

Monica Epic: I know, that’s why we just stuck to drinking the Sakura tea.

Arun Bheeda: Well that didn’t stop Akira from visiting the open bar more than a healthy amount.

Monica Epic: He did smell a bit like the Boiler Room drink. *sigh* I don’t know what to do about Akira…I like him but if his ego gains that much control again, I’m going to punch his face in. 


Arun Bheeda: Monica, you are amazing all on your own. Akira is just another stupid celebrity who thinks he runs this city but in reality each individual community it what truly holds San Myshuno together.


Monica Epic: Thanks Arun, I really needed to hear that…and next time you want to toss flower pedals at me–ask.


Arun Bheeda: The look on your face was enough warning.

*They both share a few laughs*


Monica Epic: You’re such a great friend Arun, and you make living in the Spice Market such a delight. I don’t know if this is partly the tea’s fault but I feel like–

Arun Bheeda: I think I know what you’re going to say and–


Monica Epic: Omg. I’m so sorry–just all this drama with Akria and this overwhelming flirty feeling…I’m not thinking to clearly.


Akria Kibo: *mutters* What the hell!


Arun Bheeda: That was 1000% more a better surprise than those stupid flower pedals. 


Akria Kibo: *to himself* This is how she repays me for all that I’ve done for her! What does Arun have that I don’t? He’s just a nerdy programmer with horrible fashion sense. That ungrateful, whiny, over-emotional, gorgeous women thinks she can have  two men bound to her? She’s got another thing coming!fists

Monica Epic, you will be mine once again…


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