A Continued Adventure…

Dear Epic Followers,

Today marks my FIRST official blog post on behalf of the San Myshuno Post. To get caught on how I’ve been handling this new city, check out some of my vlogs! There will be more to come, but for now I’m focusing primarily on this blog.

As a Windenburg native, moving to San Myshuno was a huge change in pace for me. EpicEdit9.png

I used to be shy, awkward, and had extremely low self-esteem because no matter how long I lived in Windenburg no one was interested in the same things as me.

     I was always bulled over my intelligence and style until I met my best friend: Luna Villareal.


Luna was the girl I had always wanted to be: funny, pretty, charismatic, rich, and the most confident person I know to this day!

     The city of San Myshuno has opened my life to a full cast of creative, friendly and overall hilarious community of people.


Welcome to my Epic Legacy.



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